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Where do you go when your marriage ends suddenly, and the entire architecture of your life collapses? For young mother Rosie, it was to Lucknow, a town in Central Victoria where her sister lived and her grandparents used to have a farm. And how do you make a good future from a bad event? Well, that’s not so easy. But Lucknow proves to be the right place for a number of people.

Heartbreak, comedy, tragedy, farce, romance, secrets, even love. Annie Hall lifts the lid on the way things are in this Australian country town with the beguiling name of Lucknow. — Carmel Bird


Goodreads:  3.67 stars, 46 per cent 4 stars, 23 per cent 5 stars, 87 per cent of people liked it, 30 ratings

Amazon: 3.3 stars, 39 per cent 4 stars, 13 per cent 5 stars, 23 ratings

Netgalley: 3 stars, 10 ratings

Review comments posted on these sites:

Reading this book made me think about what it would be like to live in a small town. It made me think about how family may want what is best for you but what they want may not really be in your best interest. It made me feel and care and wonder … and I enjoyed the story. It was a book of choices and change and finding love in unexpected places. — Cathy G., Netgalley reviewer

What Rosie finds out is that if you love somebody you have more protection and safety than having material things brings you. She has a hard decision at the end, but she makes the right choice. This was a good read. — Joanne H, bookseller, Netgalley reviewer

I enjoyed this book … [it] is about endings and new beginnings, and having to recreate a new life for yourself following divorce. — Henny Penny, Goodreads reviewer

 Charming novel. Characters were real and grew. Could totally relate to the two sisters' relationship. Depth of material, life, was explored beyond the superficial but not to tedium. Thoroughly enjoyed; worth rereading. I lived a piece of Rosie's life. Very well-written. — J. Sanmartin, Goodreads reviewer

This book was interesting. The story was exciting and kept me guessing what will Rosie do next. — Gladys Mills, Goodreads reviewer

Well worth reading, great from start to finish. Characters will keep you reading as you follow great story. — Rose Edwards, Amazon review