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Ken's Quest

Ken's Quest


Ken's Quest
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Wei Da has great dreams for his future and that of his family. After he leaves China for Australia, Wei Da, known as Ken, finds his quest for wealth and happiness is thwarted by government regulations and an alien culture.
He is a tough and resilient man, yet angry that his professional qualifications aren’t recognised and he has to do unskilled work. To add insult to injury, his workmate is a young man convinced that immigrants are making life worse for ordinary Australians. But meeting Julia transforms him. As his lies unravel Ken finds his way through two very different cultures to discover the power of truth and love.

The sea of bitterness is infinite but the shore is just behind you.

Cher Chidzey migrated to Australia from Singapore in 1975 and has a Masters of Science from Melbourne University. She has worked as a teacher in secondary schools and TAFE colleges. Cher has previously published her memoir The House of 99 Closed Doors.

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