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How to be a Super Smart Woman

How to be a Super Smart Woman


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Australian women are super disadvantaged — they usually live longer than men but retire with about half the funds of men. Meagre super can mean a bleak future. But there are things that every woman can do to ensure they have more money when they retire. Finance and economics consultant Pauline Taylor has designed this book for women at all stages of life and circumstances. Packed with easy-to-read information and ideas, it will help ensure your future.

This is what the experts have to say:

A very easy, informative and essential read for all women irrespective of age and wealth status for taking charge of their financial security.

– Carolyn Lansdowne, insurance manager, TWUSUPER


Rice Warner is an advocate for reducing the gender gap in superannuation; this book is a great initiative to help Australian women achieve financial security in retirement.

Heather Brown, consultant, Rice Warner


 A practical, plain language guide that takes into account the particular needs and challenges of women. How to be a Super Smart Woman accepts that women have a different set of needs and life priorities that call for a unique set of strategies at different life stages, and answers these needs with solid practical advice.

Jayne Malcolm, executive manager, SuperConcepts


An excellent summary of super issues for women – easy to dip into for quick tips and reminders, and sure to be of value to women at every stage of life.

Heather Gray, partner, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers


A husband is not a retirement plan. Pauline Taylor takes a no nonsense, plain speak and rigorous appraisal as to how Australian women can best engage with our national superannuation system. She knows the existing system is badly flawed. Until such time as reforms are made, her book is rolled gold practicality.

Mary Crooks, executive director, Victorian Women’s Trust


A practical guide on why the super system lets women down and what we can do to improve our retirement prospects at all stages of our lives. A must-read for every woman entering the workforce, starting a family, returning to the workforce after a career break to have kids, or contemplating retirement – in other words – for everyone.

Ailsa Goodwin, consultant, Industry Fund Services