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Original Manuscripts Wanted

Threekookaburras is interested in quality, unpublished fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

If a writer trusts us with their manuscript and Threekookaburras produces it, we will work with the writer to create the best book we can.

We work to produce the highest-quality book at the lowest possible cost.

A Threekookaburras book will be available in paperback and ebook formats.

We are not a self-publishing business. Writers do not pay to be published with Threekookaburras. Nor do we pay writers an advance.  

Threekookaburras offers a royalty rate that compares favourably with other publishers.

What we need for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts: A 10,000 word sample from your manuscript, double-spaced, with a synopsis. Digital submissions only. Samples longer than 10,000 words will be returned unread.

For non-fiction manuscripts: A CV from the author is also required.

Please send to: