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Threekookaburras is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. The company is based in Melbourne, but is open to authors from around the world.

Threekookaburras produces books that entertain and enlighten. Books can take the reader to any one in any place at any time. It is a personal encounter, between the reader and the book. Books enrich our lives immeasurably, stretch our imaginations and develop our sense of empathy. 

Threekookaburras hopes that our books will entertain you, make you think and give you a larger view of yourself and the world. More about us


Pachyderm by Hugh McGinlay has made the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards Longlist for best crime fiction.


 Released commercially for the first time, The Architecture of Narrative is an inspiration and revelation for every writer who has struggled with the development of their novel. It links character to plot and plot to structure in a unique way. Using two very different sources, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the movie The Bourne Identity, author Sydney Smith demonstrates how the principles of structure in successful pieces of fiction transcend genre and medium. It was a finalist in the writing/publishing (Non-fiction) category of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (NGIBA). 


Where do you go when your marriage ends suddenly, and the entire architecture of your life collapses?

For young mother Rosie, it was to Lucknow, a town in Central Victoria where her sister lived and her grandparents used to have a farm.

And how do you make a good future from a bad event? Well, that’s not so easy. But Lucknow proves to be the right place for a number of people.

Lucknow, a new novel by Annie Hall, is out now.



Pachyderm ambled into public life with a party recently. Thanks to Girl Friday for the singing, the Woodlands Hotel (Jake and Steph) for the hospitality, Phil Taylor for the photography, Hugh McGinlay for the writing, Lachlan Plain for the launching, Laurie and Calum Walker for the selling and everyone else for turning up. Photos on the Threekookaburras' Facebook page.

The Victorian Women's Trust and Threekookaburras had a very successful launch of How to be a Super Smart Woman, New Strategies for Superannuation. Threekookaburras is delighted to have the support of the Victorian Women's Trust. We look forward to more women knowing about this really important book.


At last! An easy-to-read, informative guide for women about superannuation. Although super is second only to the family home as a major asset, it's often forgotten or ignored. But it's so important! Super is the key to ensuring a comfortable retirement. While acknowledging systemic disadvantages, this book has ideas and strategies for Australian women at all stages of life, and for a variety of circumstances. To read what the experts say, or to buy a copy, click here




A night at the Melbourne Zoo drinking champagne seems a fine idea, until an animal’s death throws milliner and sleuth Catherine Kint into another mystery. Before you can say ‘monkey business’ Catherine and her trusted barman Boris are annoying everyone from zoologists to police. The investigation would challenge the best detectives, but this
is Catherine and Boris on the case. Secrets, accidents, rivalries, egos and lust all set the dung flying. By the time this is finished, reputations will be tarnished, gin will be drunk and someone’s gonna get fed to the lions ... or some other carnivore. Read reviews or to buy a copy, click here.


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Threekookaburras' books are distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific by Woodslane.

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