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About Threekookaburras


November, 2017, marks four years since Threekookaburras started with a website and a call for manuscripts.

It was a very scrappy start. Threekookaburras would never have survived without the expertise of artist Christina Carter, IT guru Nicole O'Reilly and the financial advice of Ken Grimes. Sydney Smith generously contributed a monthly blog on writing.  

The aim remains to publish original, quality fiction and non-fiction from anywhere in the world.

The publishing focus remains on perenially useful non-fiction and experimental fiction.

Threekookaburras is growing in terms of books published and publishing experience. 

It has been extremely rewarding to work with authors Paul Adkin, Sydney Smith, Hugh McGinlay, Carmel O'Brien, Cher Chidzey, Sean Akerman and Pauline Taylor.

The Threekookaburras team is extremely proud of every book produced.

The whole point of publishing is to sell books. Threekookaburras would have ceased to exist without the many great and curious readers who bought a book written by an unknown author from a new press. To every one of our readers, a huge thank you.

Meet the people behind Threekookaburras:



  Annie Hall, Publisher


Annie is a former journalist and bookshop owner. She has writing, editing and production skills for newspapers, magazines and books. Annie is vice-president of the Small Press Network and a member of the Institute of Professional Editors.





  Christina Carter, Artist 

Christina has more than 15 years experience as a graphic designer at The Age. She is also a practising artist and freelance designer. 



  Sydney Smith, Blog Writer


Sydney Smith wrote a monthly blog from February, 2014, to December, 2016. The blogs were often dialogues with writer Jennifer Scoullar and offered insights into writing and the creative process. Sydney is a writing mentor, teacher and author of short stories, essays, and The Lost Woman, a memoir of survival. Her book on writing The Architecture of Narrative is published by Threekookaburras. Sydney's website is




  Alankrita Srivastava, Publicist

A former publicist with Penguin Random House (India), Alankrita has more than five years experience in marketing and communications. She is a freelance publicist working with Threekookaburras.  Email:



  Nicole O'Reilly, Website and IT

Nicole has been building websites via Anyhoodles for more than 11 years, specialising in search engine optimsation. She can be contacted via




  Ken Grimes, Accountant


KW Grimes & Associates was established in 1988 by Ken Grimes in Castlemaine. Aside from Ken, a chartered accountant, the firm now employs five staff. They specialise in assisting the development and growth of small businesses.





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