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Three writers discuss what makes a good antagonist

An antagonist is a broader and more complex idea than a villain. A villain acts for purely selfish reasons and does destructive things with no consideration for the effect they will have on others. A villain is wicked. A villain is unable to change and grow. An antagonist, on the other hand, is a character who pursues a certain goal in the story.


New directions in publishing

Earlier this month, Amazon revealed that one quarter of its top 100 e-book sales in the US in 2012 were written by “indies”. In the US, the term can mean either self-published authors or authors published by small companies (that is, not one of the big six publishing houses).


Doris Lessing and the case of the unknown author

When Doris Lessing was told by reporters camped outside her London home that she had won the Nobel in 2007, she responded: “Oh Christ! This has been going on now for thirty years. One can get more excited.” Lessing had been shopping. She went into her house and deposited her bags, then emerged again to talk with reporters. She sat on the front step with her legs apart under a long denim skirt.




Welcome to threekookaburras

Australians are buying as many books as they ever were, and up to half of them are Australian books.

This is a good time to start a small publishing company.

E-book sales are plateauing.

Small publishers love their work; believe in what they do and are willing to help others engaged in the business of making books.

This is some of what threekookaburras heard at the recent Small Press Underground Networking Community Conference (SPUNC) at the Wheeler Centre.  




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