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Writing Tips: The first person point of view

When using the first person, it’s important to understand that this character plays two roles: that of the storyteller and that of a player in the drama. These two roles jostle side by side as the narrative progresses. 


Three writers discuss plot triggers

A plot trigger (or inciting incident) launches the story. It’s the protagonist’s call to action – the thing that sets the story in motion and gives our protagonist a problem to solve. Anything before the plot trigger is scene setting, characterisation, back story, etc.

A plot trigger can come in many forms. The discovery of a body, a letter in the mail, a desperate plea on the telephone, perhaps even a conversation or epiphany.


Writing Tips: The internal antagonist

In every fictional narrative the main character faces at least one external antagonist. This player blocks the main character’s efforts to get what they want. But in many narratives the main character is blocked by another kind of antagonist. This antagonist comes from inside and is the internal antagonist. 


Writing Tips: Psychic death

If a story is to work properly, the main character needs a strong goal and they must do everything they can to reach it. Everything they do to get what they want creates plot.