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Threekookaburras is an independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. The company is based in Melbourne, but is open to authors from around the world.

A Tokyo based company handles rights sales for China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

 Threekookaburras produces books that entertain and enlighten. Books can take the reader to any one in any place at any time. It is a personal encounter, between the reader and the book. Books enrich our lives immeasurably, stretch our imaginations and develop our sense of empathy. 

Threekookaburras hopes that our books will entertain you, make you think and give you a larger view of yourself and the world. More about us



Outposts is an elegant, urbane work alight with beauty and insights that begins in New York. This literary novel is about a young academic commissioned to write the biography of a famous, reclusive author named Nestor Dunn. Barely surviving on unemployment benefits, with a graduate degree that seems useless, the narrator had hoped that the Nestor Dunn project would be his big break. But it takes him to the very brink. Finally, as his subject's life disintegrates around him, the narrator finds his way.  


Paperback and ebook out June 1. 


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Ken's Quest follows a Chinese man's desperate bid to stay in Australia. He wants to reinvent his life and that of his family. As his lies unravel Ken finds his way through two very different cultures to discover the power of truth and love. The migrant experience in Australia has been written about before. But Cher Chidzey’s book tackles the notion of ‘tribal voices’ with a rare honesty and courage. ‘Tribal voices’ are the attitudes we learn from the earliest years of childhood. These sources of collective experience can be strengths and they can be obstacles to understanding others who come from a different background. 

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Ebooks available from Apple, Amazon, etc